Morphine Fragrance

The metaphor is part of what is being mythologized in this photographic ensemble, a collection of images which tell of a hidden reality, leading towards a place “where the myths are not just persons, but also places and objects.”

Sex as a starting point in a world detached from the author, which acts as a narrator and in which the final result sought by the artist is always the same: an instant of visual sensitivity.

A pure narrative exercise, writing down what he feels at every given moment and describing what he’s writing about with every image, thereby managing to be unsettling without being explicit, by photographing what is not there, what is missing


I know it’s the hour, that’s why I’m not against  resisting.

Your black ink dye my dreams


by your morphine fragrance.



That absence and that silence, resulting in something as close as personal relationships, is the narrative expression the author is looking for.

In “Morphine Fragrance ” sees an increase of narrative tension.

This tension can be observed in the way the personalities are approached, anonymously, many of them undefined sexually, eschewing established norms and offering an unlimited interpretative field that’s portrayed naturally and on a tangible level.

A silent theatre in which the photographic “moment” approximates the magic of literature, allowing the spectator the opportunity to create his or her own descriptive composition of each story, of each moment, of each sensation.